Mission Statement

To undertake measures and actions aimed at harnessing and investing our potentials in building a vibrant, formidable and prosperous unit in the General Council.

Vision Statement

To become the most outstanding and successful unit in the General Council come 2024 with unequivocal achievement spiritually, numerically, and materially.

Motto (Zech. 4:6)

“By My Spirit”


1. Opening a Worship Centre in each of the Estates within our territory.


2. Each visible Church should plant at least a Church within a year.


3. Each Section should plant at least a Church in a year.


4. Each of these departments: Men, Women, Youth, Missions and Sunday School  should plant at least a Church in a year.


5. The District (Lekki) shall operate a camp where people will go and pray at Agbegede.


6. A Secondary School will be sited at Lamgbasa.


7. A District meeting place will also be sited at Lamgbasa.


8. Each Sectional headquarters should endeavor to operate a Primary School.


9. The District (Lekki) will actively be involved in any of the General Council Missionary Fields.


10. Two more Mega Churches shall be built at different location of the district.